The innovative ring light series is optimized for installation in Orca and Shark housings, which guarantee excellent heat dissipation. The eight 1W Oslon LEDs can be configured ex works with Lisa2 lenses with different beam angles. The built-in microcontroller allows the adjustment of a variety of parameters, such as pulse length, triggering behavior, power amplification and much more. Another feature is the optically isolated wide-range trigger input (5-24V). The programming can be done via RS232 - later also via Bluetooth and WLAN. The gain can be adjusted up to a quadruple rated current. The controller checks the settings made and warns when the current for the pulse length / cycle time becomes high. It also continuously monitors the LED temperature and switches off in the event of overheating. The LED temperature is also transmitted periodically via RS232 (if activated). The integrated flash controller allows direct connection of the camera trigger output to the lighting. This leads to a considerable cost savings, simplifies the installation and leads to more accurate flashing due to the reduced cable inductance - especially with short pulses <50μs.

Vision 2022

Vision   Stuttgart, Germany
October 4th-6th 2022
Hall 10, Booth