The IP67 Orca enclosure series offers protection for larger cameras of up to 62 x 62mm cross section (for instance Sick Ranger,  AVT Prosilica range, Basler Runner, Flir A300 etc.). Smaller cameras also fit into the Orca with special adapter plates, if a large ring light or lens requires more room. It is available in three standard length with different rear walls and front lids. Equipped with the larger 3” window and 65mm aperture diameter it is possible to use wide-angle lenses without obstruction. Even fish-eye lenses with more than 180° viewing angle can be used with the dome lid. The standard windows can also be used for thermal imaging cameras in the NIR range up to approx. 2500nm. With a germanium window, the Orca can also be used with infrared cameras in the LWIR range.