Protective laser enclosure

The IP66 laser enclosures are made for typical MV-Laser with 19/20mm diameter. It is available in three length from 120 to 180mm. The special mounting ring holding the laser inside the enclosure and ensures good heat dissipation. It allows flexible positioning and rotation - important for laser line adjustment. An enclosure extension is available for laser that require focusing from the side. The housing either mounts directly to the machine with help of mounting kits or to a dovetail profile using mounting brackets. The latter is often used to build flexible adjustable but rigid laser triangulation set-ups adding a 3D camera within an Orca to the rail. Here laser and camera enclosure can be mounted either vertical at a rotational angle to the profile. Height adapters ensure that the optical axis of both vision components are in the same plane.


Vision 2022

Vision   Stuttgart, Germany
October 4th-6th 2022
Hall 10, Booth