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Innovative, new products shortly presented

New Elefant enclosure for large cameras

autoVimation expands its product range, adding protective enclosures for cameras with cross-sections up to 100mm x 100mm and lens diameters up to 120mm. The patented Quick-Lock/Heat-Guide camera mount provides secure attachment and excellent heat dissipation. The rugged IP67 housings with 40mm dovetail profiles are available in three standard sizes, tailored length are realized on request. The Elephant has a default 4″ BK7 window with an 88mm aperture. A flange top adapts for the use of any Orca fronts or extensions, thus also enabling mounting of the powerful Meganova LED ring light as well as various special windows for thermography applications or fisheye lenses. The enclosures are compatible all autoVimations’s brackets, mounting kits and extensive range of accessories, including temperature control solutions.

New Stingray protective housing

The new Stingray housing series ensures reliable IP66 protection for larger camera models up to 75x75mm cross section. The stable aluminum enclosure is available in three standard lengths and with different front and rear covers. An optional flange allows the use of the Meganova ring light as well as the Orca dome lid. Special window configurations for ISM and Lucid TOF cameras are also available. From BK7 glass to acrylic and germanium, window materials can be installed for almost any wavelength range and the disks are also very easy to change. The protective housing offers high mechanical robustness with a low weight and is therefore designed for rough everyday use in a damp industrial environment. The camera assembly reliably dissipates the heat via the housing profile. The Stingray can access the large range of accessories from autoVimation and can be adapted to all brackets and mounting kits.

Dragon High-Power-Air-Nozzle

The angle-adjustable air nozzle creates a fan-shaped jet of air that blows across the windscreen at a flat angle. With its blowing force of 3.3N at a pressure of 5bar and an air flow rate of 333l/min, the 'Dragon High Power Air Nozzle' prevents or removes even coarse dirt. The blowing force corresponds to an open tube with an inner diameter of 4mm, but consumes 33% less energy and reduces the noise level by 40% to 82dB(A). Since the fanned-out air jet is already 50mm behind the nozzle outlet wide enough for 3” front screens, so it can be attached directly to the protective camera housing in a compact and space-saving manner.

New Pole Mount

The new Pole Mount can be combined with almost all Mounting Kits and Wall Mounts from autoVimation. Thanks to two stainless steel band clamps, it is the universal all-purpose weapon to enable robust assembly even in inaccessible places.  

Chameleon protective housing for Flir Ax8

The new chameleon protective housing with germanium and Bk7 window allows the simultaneous operation of the infrared and visual cameras with additional LED lighting of the Flir Ax8. The stable aluminum housing offers high mechanical robustness and is designed with IP66 protection class for everyday use in harsh, damp industrial environments. The solid mounting plate also ensures good heat dissipation. The housing can be adapted to all standard autoVimation brackets and mounting kits.  

Hygienic assembly system for image processing applications with the highest demands

World premiere!

  • Despite high hygienic requirements the components allow a large degree of mounting variance.
  • All modules are easy to install and adjust – even by hand.
  • Vibration proof and variable camera mount inside the enclosure with very good heat dissipation.
  • Cable routing completely protected inside rods – no problems with non-food rated cables.
  • IP69k ingress protection rating with dual seal system for high pressure cleaning up to 100 bar and 80°C.
  • Most stringent hygienic design for use in direct food contact/dripping areas, EHEDG certification in progress. (Seals between adjacent surfaces/undercut and dead spot free design/sloping surfaces/sealed threads)
  • Sealing materials, protective tubes and acrylic windows with FDA approval.
  • All enclosure materials tested according to ECOLAB standards with aggressive cleaning agents (Topactive 200/500/OCTO, P3 Topax 66/990).
  • Made of V4A, AISI 316L stainless steel.
  • Different rear and side exit versions and mounting accessories available.

    Further information you will find in this brochure:

Megalodon protective housing for Flir A400-700, Dalsa Linea, Jai Fusion and other camera types

The new Megalodon protective housing can be used for all types of cameras with a 62x62mm cross-section and even beyond that with a larger corner radius! This means that cameras that are a little too big for the Orca fit into the Megalodon - with the same external form factor!

A custom-buildt bracket also enables the new Flir A400-700 series to be installed. A special window insert with germanium and Bk7 disk allows the infrared and optical cameras to be operated at the same time. In the "reverse version", all Orca front covers such as the dome window can be used. The length can also be varied as required with the 30mm or 60mm Orca extensions.

The new heating plate: Twice the heating power at half the volume at a reduced price

The new heating plate also fits to the Salamander and Orca S models thanks to its compact form factor. The plate now mounts by clamping from the side. Since no mounting elements require removal, it is a lot easier to mount the heating plate to the enclosure. Doubling the heating performance ensures secure camera operation even at arctic temperatures and high wind. The warm-up time is reduced for intermittent camera operation. As usual the heating plate with inbuilt PT100 temperature sensor is available in a set with 5m supply cable and adjustable heating controller. This ensures minimum energy consumption and avoids overheating of the camera at raising temperatures. With a higher production depth autoVimation was able to lower the sales price and increase the quantity discounts for this product.

Enclosure for RealSense D455 and T265

The successful Chameleon housing series for Intel RealSense cameras is now also available for the new D455 in addition to the D415, D435 and T265. The housing enables these camera models to be used both outdoors and in other critical locations that require all-round protection. In combination with the proven mounting kits from autoVimation, extremely robust and flexible mounting is guaranteed as usual.

Germanium window for Colibri enclosures

As a new option, the Colibri housing is now also available with DLC and anti-reflex coated (7-14µm) germanium window. Thanks to the special seals, 28 of 30mm diameter are available as free aperture. This minimizes the costs for the germanium window and enables a much cheaper protection of compact thermal imaging cameras such as the Flir Boson or the Dalsa Calibir.

Dome window for Colibri enclosures

In many areas more and more small cameras are operated with extremely wide-angled S-mount lenses. Thanks to the new dome window made of 2.6mm BK7 glass, you can now protect such fisheye lenses in a Colibri housing. In addition, it can also be used as Corona protective hood for very tiny people.

30mm extension for Shark enclosures

As already known from our Dolphin series, the new 30mm extension now also enables easier lens access for longer lenses mounted into the Shark enclosure. Removing lid and extension allows easy adjustment of focus and aperture, while the camera still remains mounted in the housing. The lens protrudes up to 40mm from the enclosure tube, combining two 30mm extensions increases this value to 70mm. The Meganova ring light fits into the extension as well, maintaining the close proximity to the front window. Of course, the extension also corresponds to the hygienic design of the entire housing series.

Fine positioning axes for autoVimation enclosures

  • Significantly more compact than conventional positioning axes, since the linear guide is integrated in a high-precision dovetail profile.
  • Cross section of the axis profile only 40x16mm - similar to the cross section of a matchbox!
  • Profile rail and positioning table directly compatible with autoVimation's profile system - this eliminates the need the use of adapter plates: the positioning table is already the adapter plate for fastening the next axis / housing. As a result - the small clamping dictance of 24mm only!
  • Combinable: any multi-axis arrangements with clamps, angles and swivel joints.
  • Millimeter scale with position indicator on one side - reverse mounting of scale and hand wheel possible.
  • 150mm stroke, 1.5mm slope → enough to adapt the camera position to another product, but also fine enough for precise positioning.
  • Suitable for industry and laboratory use: the industrial clamp with 2000N resistance to displacement used to fix the positioning table, as with any installation without a positioning axis. The sled is not only clamped with a grub screw as usual.
  • Self-locking, i.e. even when the clamp is released, the load is braked in the direction of the axis.

    Option: magnetic tape and digital position display for up to 3 axes.

Colibri housing tailor-made for Flir FireFly

The new Quicklock / Heatguide mounting adapters for the Flir FireFly now allow to install this type of camera with excellent thermal conduction in the Colibri housing. The flat front cover allows the lens to be pushed up to the front window and enables so to use wide-angle lenses as well. In the near future, a dome window will even be OK for fish eye lenses. The Colibri is available in custom length and can thus be compactly adapted to the overall dimensions of the system and ensure reliable IP protection.

Shark hygiene enclosure now available ex stock

The first small batch of the new Shark stainless steel housing is now available ex stock in three lengths. The camera attachment is based on the patented Quicklock/Heatguide principle as in the Orca housing and thus guarantees a good thermal connection. Cameras up to a cross section of max. 62x62mm (depending on corner radius) and lenses up to max. 85mm diameter can be used. Like the Dolphin, the Shark is built in a consistent hygiene design and meets the protection class regularly required in the food industry with IP69K. The seals are resistant to most of the aggressive cleaners used in these industries, e.g. Ecolab P3 Topax. In addition to acrylic, other window materials such as germanium or BK7 glass are possible.

30mm extension for Dolphin enclosures out now

As already known from the Salamander and Orca series, the new 30mm extension now also enables easier lens access for the Dolphin enclosure. The camera can remain mounted in the housing and still focus and aperture can be easily adjusted even with optics with a longer design. Of course, the extension also corresponds to the hygienic design of the entire housing series.

Flat front lid for Colibri enclosures

Thanks to the new front cover, cameras with S-mount lenses can now be housed extremly compact. Due to the flat lid, no shading occurs even with wide-angle lenses, as the positioning of the lens directly behind the front window is always guaranteed. The Colibri is also available in a custom-made length for a small extra charge, and thus offers the possibility of perfect integration into the existing workplace.

New tube top for 2" wind curtain

The new protective tube for 2 "wind curtains can be used as an additional protection against contamination, but also as barrier against lateral solar radiation, or mechanical loads. It is simply clamped together with the wind curtain on the front cover. It can be used with lenses up to 40 ° opening angle without shading.

New Camera-Alignment-Tool for Salamander and Orca Enclosures

The new little helper simplifies the straight camera assembly in the enclosure profile. Salamander and Orca allow incremental adjustment of the image rotation since the camera mounts in any angle around the optical axis. The new alignment tool alleviates now the camera alignment parallel to the enclosure body. It is available for Salamander and Orca enclosures.

New front lid with M72 photo thread for Orca enclosures

Easy to change photo accessories in combination with the new Orca M72 front cover

The new Orca front lid with M72 thread allows to access the numerous accessories from the photo area. Any type of filters can be externally used, which are very easy to change. Now also clear glass inserts can be used as a "sacrificial disk" to protect the "main window" in a harsh environment. In addition e.g. sun shades are also usable as mechanical protection and an inexpensive solution. The M72 cover can be ordered as an optional accessory to the Orca enclosure.

IP66/IP67 OEM protective enclosures for special camera systems

Based on the Chameleon series, autoVimation now offers rugged protective housings for special cameras like e.g. the Basler Time-Of-Flight (TOF). This allows use even in harsh conditions. The windows are installed with special seals without gluing and can therefore be easily changed. In this way, windows can be arranged individually in the smallest spaces. Thus, this type of housing is also perfect for "embedded camera systems", as an individual adaptation can be easily done. Thanks to the optionally available dovetail mounting plate, the proven Mounting Kits can be used as usual for assembling and aligning the system.

Universal wall mounts

The flexible, robust wall mounts allow easy assembly and alignment of the camera! Depending on the model, several axes and the working distance can be set analogous to the autovimation mounting kits. The arm length is also individually selectable. There is a large selection for the Colibri enclosure available as well.

New Mounting Kits for Colibri enclosures


Mounting Kit 27

Mounting Kit 28

Mounting Kit 29

360° endless pan

 +/- 90° tilt

+/- 90° tilt
360° endless pan

The new mounting kits provide a host of new mounting options for the Colibri enclosure series. Flexible panning and tilting in a cost-efficient way and as robustly built as you would expect from all autoVimation products!


Flexible laboratory setups with the autoVimation construction kit

The advantages are clear:
  • Simple, fast and flexible setups of image processing components for laboratory tests or "proof of concept" at the client's facility.
  • After successful tests, you can use the existing parts for the final installation on site with only a few changes.
  • Even large illuminations and lenses are held securely, exactly positioned and aligned.
  • All parts are re-usable and flexible to use.
  • Realize complex constructions with just a few parts.
  • The dovetail profiles, mounting clamps and brackets enable flexible configurations.
  • Robust rotation, tilt and ball joints offer maximum flexibility combined with unbeatable stability.
  • Universal camera / lighting fixtures and laser mounts enable inexpensive test setups with prefabricated parts.

New stainless steel enclosure series

autoVimation will present the first models of the brand new stainless steel enclosures series at this year’s Vision Show in Stuttgart. Now it is possible to protect cameras with up to 62x62mm cross section from aggressive cleaning agents and high pressure water jets, often used within the food industry. With IP69K protection rating and consequent hygienic design the new housings meet all requirements of the meat and pharma industry. All new stainless products fulfill the highest standards (FDA, KTW, EU-Directive EG No. 1935/2004, EHEDG requirements) by strict hygienic design (flush mounted windows using gap-free seals, no concave corners, all touching surfaces sealed, hygienic cable glands and cable conduits). In addition a revolutionary new hygienic mounting solution in stainless steel will be on display, that provides almost the same flexibility as known from the autoVimation dovetail system. In planning is also an IP69k laser enclosure in combination with a hygienic triangulation building kit. A matching bar light will also be launched in 2017.

Innovative LED-Ring-Light series

Vision 2016

DautoVimation will present an innovative LED ring light with integrated strobe controller for the first time at this year’s Vision Show in Stuttgart. The inbuilt micro controller allows to customize a lot of parameters like e.g. pulse length, trigger behavior, current amplification and many other settings. Another feature is the opto-isolated wide range trigger input (5-24V). Programming can be done via RS232 – later also via Bluetooth and WLAN. The amplification goes up to 6x nominal current, so the eight 1Watt Oslon LEDs have a maximum power of up to 46W. The controller verifies the adjusted settings and warns, if the current will be too high for the pulse length / cycle time ratio. The controller also checks the LED temperature continuously and switches off in case of overheating. The LED temperature is also transmitted periodically via RS232 (if activated). The integrated strobe controller, reduces the costs significantly and simplifies cabling – the camera trigger output can be connected directly to the light inside the camera enclosure. Shorter wiring also increase the pulse accuracy by reducing the inductivity of long cables to and from the control cabinet.

The LED ring light fits into the Orca enclosure - the good thermal connection to the enclosure passively cools the light. Adding a water cooling system the enclosure allows greatly increased intensity or strobe length. The ring light is available in typical colors (R, G, B, IR and white). Fan angles can be easily changed by using the proven Lisa2 lenses. Several lights can be strobed exactly synchronized, triggered by the sync output of the LED master light.

Planned is also the release of a linear IP67 bar light with the same features. This will be available in elements of ~15cm length and can be extended up to 120cm. A single panel (8 to 46W with 15cm length) is very compact with a minimal cross section of only 16x40mm. It is based on the autoVimation double sided dovetail profile and therefore allows simple positioning and adjusting by using dovetail brackets and mounting kits. It is easy to combine with other lights for instance to a dark field illumination from all four sides of the camera image, top lights, light tunnels etc. Additional passive or water cooling elements can be attached to increase brightness or the pulse length up to continuous.

Stereo Vision Kit

The new stereo vision building kit is extended by an electronics box, calculating the stereo image from two USB cameras with FPGA support. The output delivers a depth of field image or point cloud that is transmitted to a PC via Ethernet to be processed there. The system works with ambient light, but light sources or pattern projectors can be added if necessary.

The advantage compared with common stereo sensors is, that the user has full control over the system – the optical base (distance between cameras), camera resolution, lens, working distance – everything can be configured by the customer. The complete set-up is IP66 proof and therefor suitable for wash-down conditions. Only connection needed is a LAN and Trigger/Power cable. The stereo vision box can be mounted to the autoVimation dovetail profiles that hold also the two camera enclosures.

Enclosure solution for the new Flir Ax5

The new version of the Flir Ax5 has significantly larger dimensions due to a modified design. By customizing the Gecko housing, autoVimation has succeeded in accommodating the Ax5 with lenses up to 19mm focal length again in this housing type.

The overall dimensions are a decisive factor for many customers. The larger lenses with 25-100mm focal length can be placed in the Orca enclosure with 2" or 3" germanium window.

New mounting plate for Chameleon L out now!

Download Datasheet

Thanks to the new mounting plates with 40mm dovetail profile the Chameleon L is now also adaptable to the profile system of autoVimation. Now you can use the complete range of "Mounting kits" with the same flexibility regarding orientation and positioning of the camera, known from the other enclosure series.

The mounting plate is available in two versions for horizontal or vertical orientation.

New Water Cooling Unit with high performance pump for longer distances!

For greater distances between cooling unit and camera enclosure the new high power pump offers significantly increased performance with a max. flow of up to 15l/min and 5.7m pressure head. The dimensions are the same. Visually the new system differs only by the glass filler, that now enables the monitoring of the fluid level without opening the lid. .

The cooling modules can now also be operated on longer distances and ensure a constant temperature of the camera.

New Air Nozzle for Colibri enclosures out now!

The new air nozzle is based on the 30mm profile and is therefore perfect designed for Colibri enclosures. Beside the already available versions for laser enclosures and the Orca and Salamander series it fits seamlessly into the product range.

Thus, an economical alternative is now finally available for the smallest housing series to remove dirt and dust with a targeted air blast from the front window.

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